Odessa grains or globuli in Odessa.


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Гомеопатия и гомеопатическая аптека в Одессе Homeopathy and Homeopathic Pharmacy in Odessa
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Employer's of Odessa homeopathic pharmacy (2003) 
President of LMHI, Dr J. Imberechts (Belgium) in Odessa Homeopathic Pharmacy (2000) 
Doctor's & pharmaceuitists in Odessa homeopathic pharmacy (2002) 
2002 - In the Odessa homeopathic pharmacy (all colleagues) 
Pharmacists, pharmeceutical chemists and doctors in Odessa Homeopathic Pharmacy (2000) 
Odessa homeopathic pharmacy (13, Tyraspolskaya str.): head pharmaceutical chemist Tamara Baginskaya and colleagues. 2007 
Odessa homeopathic pharmacy (13, Tyraspolskaya str.): pharmaceutist Lyubov Zubko. 2007 
Odessa homeopathic pharmacy (13, Tyraspolskaya str.): assistant Liliya Rudenko during her work. 

Медицинский портал о гомеопатии и гомеопатах, в Одессе и мире. Прочтете все про лечение гомеопатией! Найдете центр гомеопатии. Гомеопатия аптека и гомеопатия форум. Гомеопатия в Украине

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