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     Homeopathy and Homeopathic Pharmacy in Odessa
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YOU are the guest of the site about homoeopathy and homoeopaths (it was created in October, 2003). Its author is a doctor of higher qualification category ALEXANDER PETROVICH IVANIV, Master of homoeopathy, candidate of medical sciences, head of the executive committee of Scientific-medical homoeopathic Society of Odessa region, the largest in Ukraine, editor of Ukrainian homoeopathic annual, member of editorial boards of a number of professional editions, national vice-president of International medical homoeopathic League (LMHI) since 2005.

The main page that contained before humorous enough and self-criticizing material (in fact Odessa is not only the world capital but also a capital of humor).

However, the last years showed that time for jokes in homoeopathy has passed. Increasingly more colleagues and no doctors at all, at the top of fashion for homoeopathy, began to call themselves homoeopaths, making attempts to treat by homoeopathic remedies, knowing neither about homoeopathy nor about homoeopathic remedies. Certainly, it is possible to divide doctors into those who use dynamized preparations in practice, and those who LIVE in homoeopathy (but such persons are met rarer and rarer). But it is impossible to divide classic foundations of homoeopathy, tearing them between unitizism (it is true Hahnemann homoeopathy) and pluralism (prescriptions of complexes) not related to homoeopathy.

Homoeopathy is an integral medical model, which corresponds to existent triune or, as it is fashionable now to call, the trialectic paradigm. There is unity of similarity and opposition in this paradigm, where two elements can be similar or even hostile to each other, and the third provides stability of the system. Such a paradigm corresponds to religious constructions, physics, biology, pathological physiology, and pharmacology. Importance of this paradigm in Homoeopathy consists in connection of theoretically unintegrated parts - official medical science, science of homoeopathy and official pharmacology. All this is done for our conscientious medical practice.

In CIS there were a great number of pseudohomoeopathic schools and currents that misinform not only community and medicine but also discredit themselves. It is impossible to do with homoeopathy, for already more than 200 years, disregarding prohibitions and persecutions, homoeopathic medicine prospers, attracting increasingly more number of supporters and followers. And the last achievements of science were able to show consistency and high efficacy of the method, which was reprimanded before for that it could not be touched, and, moreover, a joke said: A drop in the bucket of water will not help but there will be no harm.

We hurry to upset pseudohomoeopaths and community that are sure of harmlessness of homoeopathic remedies: they will harm. Like any matter getting into an organism, homoeopathic remedy produces a response in it - medicinal illness. Recovery of the individual will occur in correct administration. If the remedy is chosen incorrectly, or there are a lot of such remedies, the organism is simply unable to tolerate it. And illness grows progressively worse.

In addition, a great number of doctors and self-taught persons calling themselves the homoeopaths, believe that medicines of the firms Heel, Bittner, Homviora, Fides, Cosmohema, Bionorika, Weleda, Materia Medica or Arnika (and many others) realized at the pharmacies are homoeopathic remedies. Their naive patients are deeply convinced that they take homoeopathic treatment. Certainly, homoeopaths must be thankful to these firms-manufacturers for expansion of space free from chemical medicines. However, it is necessary to make this point clear and memorize that the remedy becomes homoeopathic (SIMILAR TO SUFFERING OF THE SEPARATELY TAKEN INDIVIDUAL) only after its administration to this very patient. Any medicine being on the shelves of the specialized pharmacies is only a dynamized preparation until it is prescribed to a patient.

There is another problem - absence of legislation about homoeopathy and homoeopaths in Ukraine (of the countries of the former USSR only Russia, Byelorussia and Baltic countries, and lately - Kazakhstan are proud of it). It puts homoeopathic medicine and native manufacturers of dynamized remedies above the law or beyond the law (it is to your liking). Such a situation creates grounds for flourishing of swindlers and quacks, both in the medical services and in production of medicines. For this reason any medicine, to which only with great reserves it is possible to stick the label of homoeopathic are licensed in Ukraine, and the number of pharmacy productions diminishes with every year. A number of pharmacies have become already helpless (we can recommend only Kiev pharmacy 12 and Odessa pharmacy 5).

Our purpose is not only to develop homoeopathy but also help others. Odessa homoeopathic Society famous for its traditions is a group of like-minded persons who helps not only homoeopathy and homoeopaths. We conduct lectures and seminars; buy in the source substances for Odessa homoeopathic pharmacy. There are expeditions after raw material, and trips to study nature for the acquaintance with preparations in their natural habitats. Odessa homoeopaths are the patrons of the publishing activity; they help Odessa House of Scientists (a palace of the Tolstoy counts, which authorities of the city left for self-survival). Since 1996 more than 50 seminars, three conferences for homoeopaths, six international homoeopathic Congresses, courses of the advanced training are conducted in Odessa. And there are a lot of other plans.

International and interregional cooperation is developing actively. Odessa is proud that: 1) it has the greatest number of members of International medical homoeopathic League in Ukraine; 2) it has the largest homoeopathic pharmacy in CIS and Baltic countries co-operating with the leading laboratories of the world; 3) the number of colleagues who regularly improve their standards of knowledge in our country and abroad does not diminish; 4) experience exchange and conduction of seminars proceeds, including in other countries; 5) the representatives of more than 30 states conducted the seminars or participated in work of Congresses.

In 1998-2002 and 2004 Odessa homoeopathic Congresses were a light patch in the dark situation, which is called modern development of homoeopathy (we are sure that the future will be the same). In addition, every Congress had published (in Odessa and Krivoy Rog) books and brochures of the known authors.

Our Ukrainian homoeopathic annual is one of the few professional editions for homoeopaths and medical association in Ukraine and other countries. Our Russian-language colleagues in many countries of the world gave preference to it. In addition, only Odessa homoeopathic Society is the subscriber to the leading professional editions from worldwide, as well as a donor of professional editions to the scientific library of the Odessa medical university and State scientific medical library of Ukraine.

In 1998 Odessa became an initiator and co-founder of Association of homoeopaths of Ukraine. In spite of certain hopes and continuation of existence of this community, it failed to combine efforts of all homoeopaths and develop homoeopathic medicine and homoeopathic pharmacy. It failed both due to inactivity of most colleagues and destructive tendencies in the executive management of Association and at the Popovs school.

Today many of the colleagues calling themselves the homoeopaths fall in that heresy, which was mercilessly criticized by S. Hahnemann, the founder of homoeopathy - limitation of undoubted facts by limited knowledge, forgetting about vitalism, the principle laid in the basis of our study. It is brought about by numerous homoeopathic schools forming either complete fanatics of homoeopathy (without any theory and practice) or giving pathogeneses of medicines without teaching elements of homoeopathic medicine (and explaining their prescriptions by words I feel so).

The essence of the homoeopathic study was and remains the notions of vitalism and constitution. It is they that demonstrate a unique and specific way being both individual and typical of suffering of vital energy in each of the examined cases: basic break (or primary suffering), cascade of pathological physiological and pathological biochemical disturbances (or active suffering) and resolution of the life force.

Loss of harmony in man called forth by both disorder of the physiological mechanisms and incorrect directions of activity, compels him to show pain and evil. Placing false desires and incorrect inderstandings in the center of vital functions and intercourse destroys strivings for perfection, conduces to the loss of natural general human and genetically laid values, resulting in the morbid condition (speaking simply such subjects fall in illness).

A situation with homoeopathy in Ukraine and its South region is obviously inadequate to the existent potentials. But the real attempts to draw nonindifferent colleagues to correction of negative tendencies, realization of unclaimed POTENTIALS and SCOPES of HOMOEOPATHY have been undertaken.

We express our sincere gratitude to the colleagues from Odessa, different regions of Ukraine and foreign countries who try to help to recreate a situation with homoeopathy and homoeopathic pharmacy at the modern stage. They are - Irene Sergeeva (Donetsk), Alla Sharapova (Zaporozhia), the Gutsol family and Victor Tarasyuk (Vinnitsa), Tatyana Popova, Helen Finberg and Valeriya Bikhunova (Kiev), Natalia Shkoda-Ulyanova (Uzhgorod), Tatyana Kutsikova, Konstantin Solovjev and Eugeniya Sokol (Crimea), Larisa Dekhtyareva and Oksana Lopatinskaya (Lvov), Juri Myshkin and Vitaly Ivanov (Krivoy Rog), Vladimir Deev (Dnepropetrovsk).Unfortunately, the other regions of Ukraine are either inert or subject to pseudohomoeopathic heresies.

We express enormous gratitude to all foreign colleagues who helped us by necessary information. They are Jacques Imberehts (Belgium), Georgios Loucas, Joannis and Christina Eustafiou, Uraniya Ksimitidu, Helen Spiranti (Greece), Dora Pachova (Bulgaria), Peter Fisher and David Vitko (Great Britain), Prafull Vijayakar, Rajan Shankaran, Jaesh Shah (India), Igor Timoshenko, Olga Fatoula, Alex Visochanskiy, Ljubov Lurie, Svetlana Pesonina (Russia), Zoya Gabovich (Estonia), Tun Nikolai, Harri van der Zee and Jan Scholten (Netherlands), Alexander Kotok, Taina Zelikman and Rina Markovich (Israel), Oscar Minotti (Mexico), Mateus Marim, Amarilis Toledo Cezar (Brasil). The same gratitude is expressed to the creators of the professional programs and sites co-operating with us, and organizers of homoeopathy and teaching to homoeopathic medicine. THANKS to the representatives of many foreign pharmaceutical structures and Ludvig Bolzmann Institute of homoeopathy, which helped in development of pharmacy. Fruitful cooperation proceeds.

SUCCESS and HEALTH to YOU, respected guests of the site and followers of homoeopathy!


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