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     Homeopathy and Homeopathic Pharmacy in Odessa
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A A A A A - 15.04.21


A a a a a A. " a" ( a ADS, ADHD, PANDAS/PANS, aa .). a a , 2021 , a 453 . (Angelica Lemke, "Healing Complex Children with Homeopathy")

CA (Table of Contents)

Chapter 1: Healing with Homeopathy
Expectations for Recovery in Complex Children
Working in Conjunction with Other Modes of Healing
Working with a Homeopath
Prioritizing and Expanding Your Intuition
The Process of Choosing a Remedy

Chapter 2: The History and Practice of Homeopathy
How a Homeopathic Remedy is Made
Homeopathic Methodologies
The Practice of Homeopathy
Materia Medica and Repetories Choosing Potencies and Dosing Purchasing Remedies
Case Management
Is Homeopathy Not the Right Modality in My Case?
Moving Forward

Chapter 3: Miasms

Chapter 4: Animal Remedies
Mammal Remedies
Spider Remedies
Insect Remedies
Bird Remedies
Mollusc Remedies
Fish Remedies
Reptile and Amphibian Remedies

Chapter 5: Plant Remedies
Buttercup Family
Cactus Family
Chocolate/Malvales Order
Citrus Family
Club Moss Family/Lycopodium
Coffee Family
Cucumber Family
Daisy Family
Fern Family
Figwort Family
Fungi Family
Gentian Family
Hardwood Trees
Heather Family
Hemp Family/Cannabis Indica
Lily Family
Magnolia/Lauraceae Family
Mint Family
Nightshade Family
Orchid Family
Pea/Legume Family
Pine Family
Poison Ivy Family
Poppy Family
Rose Family
Spurge Family
Wild Yam Family/Dioscorea

Chapter 6: Mineral and Periodic Table Remedies
Hydrogen Series
Carbon Series
Silica Series
Ferrum/Iron Series
Argentum/Silver Series
Baryta/Barium Remedies
Lanthanide Series
Aurum/Gold Series
Uranium/Actinide Series
Other Minerals and Substances

Chapter 7: Nosodes
Physical Symptoms That Indicate Nosodes
Gastrointestinal Symptoms That Indicate Nosodes
How to Combine Nosodes with Constitutionals
Dosing Nosodes
Bacterial Nosdes
Bowel Nosodes
Lyme Nosodes: Borrelia, Bartonella, and Babesia
The Lessons of Fighting Infection

Chapter 8: Sarcodes
Matridonal Remedies
Sarcodes of Hormones, Glands, and Neurotransmitters

Chapter 9: Tautopathy
Indications for Prescription
The Use of Homeopathic Vaccine Clears
Remedies for Vaccinosis
The Use of Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Preparations
Homeopathic Heavy Metal Clearing
Electromagnetic Field Sensitivity

Chapter 10: Remedies by Categories of Complex Kids
Children with Acute Rage and Panic
Highly Anxious Children
Angry Children
Insecure Children with Weak Immune Systems
Negative, Antisocial Children with Poor Self-Esteem
Sad, Serious Children
Precocious, Advanced Children/Sycotic and Tubercular Miasms Suppressed Children
Angelic Children
Physically Depleted Children Due to Chronic Viral Infections
Miserable Gut/Sensory Children
Tics, Twitches, and Seizures in Children
Hyperactive Children
Children with Birth or Head Trauma
Mentally Slow Children
Common Remedies for Parents

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