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Arora "Air Pollution: its Effects on Health & Role of Homeopathy in Air Pollution Related Diseases". , , , ( ) . ( , ), , , "" ( "" ):

Allium cepa: Rhinitis, coryza copious, fluent, watery, acrid discharge; burning in  nose,  mouth,  throat;  violent  sneezing;  eyes  red,  burning  with  profuse, watery, bland lacrimation; headache, cough, hoarseness.

Ammonium carb: Complaints from fumes, charcoal fumes; emphysematous changes in lungs; frequent sneezing, profuse discharge from nose, burning like hot water; stoppage of nose at night, wake up from sleep; sensation of dust particles in throat; dry tickling cough; chokes; wheezing.

Arsenicum  album: An  important  remedy  that  is  used  in  majority  of complaints incidental to air pollutants, e.g. conjunctivitis, rhinitis, asthmatic bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, leukaemia and other malignancies, etc; quick respiration; suffocation inducing cough; scanty, frothy expectoration; sneezing without relief; burning in eyes; burning pains all over.

Blatta  orientalis: Complaints  from  fumes,  coal  dust,  smoke;  relieves bronchospasm,  acts  as  expectorant;  dyspnoea, oppression  of  breathing; cough, with thick and purulent sputum.

Bromium: Complaints from coal dust; allergy to dust; complaints of sailors who suffer from asthma when they go ashore, better on sea. Dry spasmodic cough, airway feels filled with smoke; difficulty in inspiring, as if breathing through sponge.

Carbo  veg: Complaints  from  carbon  gas,  carbon  monoxide,  dust,  smoke, fumes  from  incomplete  combustion  of  fuels. Collapse  from  imperfect oxidation.  Oppressed,  quick  respiration;  air-hunger,  longing  for  fresh  air; wants  windows  open;  long  spasms  of  cough  with  weakness,  wheezing, gagging.

Cassia  sophera: Complaints  from  exposure  to  dust,  smoke;  asthma,  dry cough, with pain in chest, irritation in throat, better warmth; expectoration thick, yellowish; worse during winters, change of weather.

Dulcamara: Ailments from changing, damp environment, foggy weather, cold damp  conditions,  air-conditioned  rooms;  dry,  teasing,  spasmodic  cough; hoarseness; dyspnoea after physical exertion.

Euphrasia: Inflammation  of  the  conjunctiva;  profuse  acrid  lacrimation; profuse, fluent bland coryza, sneezing in morning; violent cough in day time, abundant expectoration; worse indoors, warmth; better in open air.

Lobelia  inflata: Ailments  from  smoke,  dust;  emphysematous  changes; extreme  dyspnoea;  cough  with  sneezing,  gasping;  scanty  expectoration; extreme nausea and vomiting, cannot bear taste or smell of tobacco.

Natrum  sulph: Ailments  incidental  to  spring  &  rainy  season;  dyspnoea; coughs continuously, towards end hacks up thick, ropy, greenish mucus.

Pothos  foetidus: Ailments  from  smoke,  dust;  great  dyspnoea  and  cough, frequent sneezing, pain in throat and chest, anxiety, abdominal distension and tension, better in open air.

Phosphorus: An important remedy that may be used in majority of complaints incidental to air pollutants, e.g. conjunctivitis, rhinitis, asthmatic bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, leukaemia, and other malignancies, etc. Breathing anxious, panting, short, hurried, very much oppressed; tightness across chest; violent hard, dry, tight, racking cough in spasmodic paroxysms.

Plumbum metallicum: An important remedy for lead toxicity. Interference with homoeostasis, rapid reduction in number of red cells, with pallor, icterus, anaemia. Localized neuralgic pains, neuritis, paralysis, wrist drop; stinging and tearing in limbs, with twitching, numbness.

Sabadilla: Rhinitis,  pharyngitis;  violent  spasmodic  sneezing,  abundant watery nasal discharge, itching and tingling in nose, redness and burning in eyes, lacrimation, frontal headache, dryness and irritation in throat.

Sambucus: Nasobronchial  hypersensitivity;  paroxysmal  nightly  suffocative attacks;  nose  stopped  up  at  night,  breath  through  mouth;  cough  deep, restlessness, profuse perspiration.

Sanguinaria  can: Nasobronchial  hypersensitivity,  asthmatic  bronchitis. Severe  dyspnoea,  constriction  in  chest,  severe  spasmodic  cough. Expectoration  of  thick  yellow  mucus,  dislodged  with  difficulty.  Sneezing, profuse watery mucus from nose; sensitive to flowers, odours.

Spongia: Complaints from sudden change of atmosphere, smoke. Severe form of asthmatic bronchitis, with dryness of respiratory tract. Severe dyspnoea, with  wheezing,  suddenly  wakes  up  at  night  with  intense  suffocation; respiration rapid, short.

Sulphurous acidicum: Persistent choking cough with copious expectoration; hoarseness, constriction of chest, difficult breathing.

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