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Данный социально-исторический раздел в нынешнем году содержит резюме лучших статей ежегодника, опубликованных 10 лет назад. В 2000 году третий том ежегодника содержал 41 публикацию и рецензии 64 авторов и соавторов из Бельгии, Украины, Рос-сии и Греции.

Provings of new remedies in homoeopathy are still disputable. O.P. Ivaniv (Odessa, Ukraine)

Revival of interest to homoeopathic treatment which began the last decades of the XX century required repeated provings of already known homoeopathic remedies as well as study of new preparations. Changes in quality of life, anthropogenic and energy-information parameters of vital activity of each individual (and society of the whole) in difficult modern bioecospheric and social conditions presuppose extended range of preparations with systemic and comprehensive effect. So, a group of preparations formerly called mineral is now called “remedies of inanimate origin” (minerals, salts, energies). More and more endemics of vegetable and animal origin are studied in each of 60 sates where homoeopathic medicine and pharmacy are in progress. The firms-manufacturers of nosode preparations systematically extend their number despite legislative difficulties (due to loss of trust of the population in organ material and vaccine preparations and decreased interest to isopathy). Of course, many authors of provings are too quick to make conclusions or are to keen on behavioral tendencies. However while disputing, the recognized authorities in homoeopathy should be more tolerant and tactful to each other (for example, the interview of G. Vithoulkas in Homoeopathic LINKS 4/99) as it creates difficulties in legalization of homoeopathy in the world and prevents creation of international professional community.

Homoeopathy and parahomoeopathic phenomena. T.D. Popova (Kiev, Ukraine)

The article deals with general issues of homoeopathic terminology, medical practice and proving studies. The author believes that special “homoeopathic slang” appeared in the specialist community which, on the one hand, is easy to remember and helps to learn remedy pathogenesis, but, on the other hand, prevents correct choice of similar remedy (the problem of “key” symptom and combination of patient conditions). There were discussed the stable cliche about the main indications of Belladonna, Lycopodium, Valeriana, Cina; it was noted that presence of “etiolo-gic” definitions of preparations led to wrong understanding of the essence of homoeopathic therapy and in future to many component complexes that many physicians considered to be homoeopathic remedies. While discussing the problems of proving new dynamized remedies the author suggested to reach consensus between somatic and mental factors in evaluation of results obtained from the provers and then from the patients.

Homoeopathic treatment of menopausal syndrome. A.V. Popov (Kiev, Ukraine)

Menopausal period in the female?s life is characterized by general age involution changes in the organism accompanied by changes of reproductive system on their background. Sometimes progress of the disease may result in invalidism. Basing on a great clinical experience the author determined the main principles of examination and treatment of such patients by using remedies of homoeopathic therapy which is adequate alternative of conventional therapy. Homoeopathic methodology allows to detect pathology of menopausal period masked by others, quite unlike diseases. Besides, there is a possibility for correction of negative changes of the character, personal peculiarities, volition, memory, motivation, frequently arising due to menopausal period.

Study of homoeopathy teaching problems. N.K. Simeonova (Kiev, Ukraine)

The author analyses the main discrepancies in the existing terminology and methodological essentials of homoeopathy teaching in the structure of higher medical education. There are indicated the main issues and definitions which should be brought into line with the existing medical and academic doctrine. Mutual coordination of terminology and methodology of official and homoeopathic medical school will promote development of information integrative medicine as well as facilitate legalization of such speciality as homoeopath and its licensing.

Some social-psychological peculiarities of potential patients of homoeopaths. E.V. Bashmakova, N.V. Bashmakova, V.I. Gudzenko, I.A. Milman, I.A. Reshetnikova, M.L. Kirillyuk, D.V. Zhunjko (Odessa, Ukraine)

The presented study was conducted in order to investigate some psychological peculiarities of potential and real patients of homoeopaths and to reveal causes which may influence the attitude of population to homoeopathy as one of the methods of alternative medicine. The individuals seeking homoeopathic help may be, on the whole, described as socially adopted, highly educated people, on the one hand, requiring increased and active attention to peculiarities of their individuality, but, on the other hand, they are unable to uncover themselves quickly and completely before the physician whose help they are seeking. From our point of view difficulties in work of any physician with such patients increase homoeopathy value as a science of treatment art.

State of Homeopathy in Ukraine (According to the Results of Practicing Homeopaths Polling).

O.P. Moshchych, I.O. Borzenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

The results of practicing Ukrainian homeopaths poll data, concerning the peculiarities of daily professional activity, were presented and analyzed in this report for the first time.

«School» problem homeopathic correction in children with pathology of hepatobiliary system.

N.Ya. Boiko (Lutsk, Ukraine)

The article deals with the possibilities of homeopathic correction of vegetative – visceral dysfunction’s of pupils with hepatobiliary system pathology. The given examples from clinical practice show not only corrective influence of homeopathic medicines on the organ level, but also the possibility of making social adaptation of schoolchildren easier. All cases need constitutional treatment.

Homoeopathic therapy and modern conception of family medicine: problems of integration and organization - methodological provision of educational process. V.N. Zaporozhan, A.I. Gozhenko, O.P. Ivaniv, N.B. Kovalenko, I.V. Tsisar, E.G. Petrenko (Odessa, Ukraine)

Age-old traditions of Odessa State Medical University presuppose high enough level of methodology and knowledge in a specialist of every speciality teaching at the University. The University and Family Health Centre were the first in Ukraine to develop International program on family medicine and it present the project has been realized. The efforts of many specialists (therapeutists, pediatricians, general practitioners, homoeopaths, psychologists, specialists in medical rehabilitation) are integrated to increase the level of family medicine. At present new clinical and research models of integrative medicine are being worked out at the base of Odessa Medical University and family Health Centre.

Homoeopathic treatment of patients with Gilbert syndrome. G.P. Kolesova, V.V. Terletsky, V.L. Chorny (Odessa, Ukraine)

Gilbert syndrome occurs in 1-5 % of population. The disease is caused by anomaly of bilirubin metabolism. Gilbert syndrome is characterized by periodic subicterus of the skin and sclera in isolated increase of indirect (unconjugated) bilirubin of blood serum. There were presented data of successful homoeopathic treatment of patients with Gilbert syndrome by constitutional medicines.

Microelements in pathologic physiology, in the course of microelementoses and clinical homoeopathy. L.P. Chernobrova, I.N. Volkov (Odessa, Ukraine)

The article presents characteristics of essential, conditionally essential, conditionally toxic and toxic microelements as well as the main pathologic conditions associated with them. The authors give the correspondence of chemical, pathophysiological, clinical and pathogenetic characteristics of iron, cooper, zinc, manganese, chromium, selenium, cobalt, arsenic, lithium and other microelements.

New in Materia Medica: Anhalonium lewinii. G. Loukas (Athens, Greece)

The article gives information of mental and psychosomatic symptoms from Materia Medica of Anhalonium lewinii. The initial substance possesses high contents of vegetable hallucinogens, mainly, mescaline. The presented information is part of the new book.

Materia Medica of dynamized remedies of Cucurbitaceae family: The problem of common root in our life and in homoeopathy. O.P. Ivaniv (Odessa, Ukraine)

The lecture gives an account of key and clearly marked symptoms characteristic of all remedies from the family of Cucurbitaceae on the whole as well as separately of each of them. Besides the medicines frequently used in homoeopathic practice, there are presented little used and rare remedies.

Therapeutic efficacy of homoeopathic treatment of chronic pseudoallergic urticaria (sectional, controlled, randomized, perspective blind study). N.V. Bashmakova, E.V. Bashmakova, M.V. Lazareva, V.I. Gudzenko (Odessa, Ukraine)

Urticaria is a common pathology. In structure of allergic disease genesis it takes the 2nd place after bronchial asthma. The main pathophysiological mechanism of both pathogenetic forms of urticaria is increased permeability of microcirculatory flow and development of acute edema in the surrounding area. From the classical medicine point of view one of the most common and significant drawbacks of clinical studies devoted to efficacy evaluation of homoeopathic treatment (as therapeutic method, and, in particular, as to allergic response) is nonobservance (or insufficient observance) of Evidence-Based Medicine principles. Therefore additional support of the present study was an opportunity to give supportive data for the benefit of homoeopathic method efficacy. Reduction of incidence, duration, intensity and extension of cutaneous manifestations of urticaria along with decreased doses of medicamentous preparations as well as their diminished side-effects are evidence of therapeutic efficacy of homoeopathic treatment of chronic pseudoallergic urticaria. The direct evidence of homoeopathic method efficacy is complete cessation of taking medicamentous preparations by 4 of 21 patients and control of all episodes of acute cutaneous manifestations of the disease by taking homoeopathic remedies only.

Dynamized Bacillinum and “Antibacillinum” in phtysiatry. D.I. Golosyuk (Odessa, Ukraine)

The aim of the investigation was to study effectiveness of combined application of dynamized and allopathic remedies in patients who fell ill with common forms of lung tuberculosis for the first time and in patients with fibrous – cavernous tuberculosis. There were worked out criteria of inclusion and exclusion from the study. Marked positive results were obtained at the first stage with abacillary sputum and positive dynamics of subjective and X-ray control. Continuation of clinical studies in cooperation with official phtysiatric school is required for verification and statistic treatment of the described results.

Honey-bee use in homeopathy and study of homeopathic potencies of Apis influence on donor blood lymphocytes. S.Yu. Osipenko, S.A. Tikhonova, L.I. Yakovenko, A.I. Tikhonov (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Issues on use of honey-bee preparations in homeopathic practice for treatment of various diseases are considered. In the given work action of the preparation Apis Mellifica on immunological reactions in men is investigated. With the help of the test on lymphocytotoxicity autoantibody levels in donor blood are investigated at various potencies of preparation effect. It is discovered that potency С6 has immunostimulation effect on the organism whill potencies Х3 and С3, have toxic effect on man’s lymphocytes.

Comparative aspects of the use of complex homeopathic preparations and single potention homeopathic drugs. V. M. Yurlov (Ukraine, Odessa)

In this work the advantages and disadvantages of the use of complex homeopathic preparations were analyzed in the comparation with possibilities of classic constitutional homeopathy. The prescription of single and complex homeopathic preparations has the peculiarities which has to be taken into consideration in the choice of one or another methods of the treatment.

Two laws of homeopathy and the place of “similarity” in their structure. E.A. Herasimova, V.K. Bilyk. (Lviv, Ukraine)

The problem of homeopathy is that in fact it is based on two laws, which contain the ideology and methodology of homeopathic doctrine in their essence, but which, as it sometimes happens in science, remain unclaimed as a consequence of their replacement with the so-called similarity law. Homeopathy differs from all medical doctrines by cure by the disease, that is the principle expressing the mechanics of auto-cure - the attributive property of all living. The content of the principle of cure by the natural disease, its stability and reiteration was expressed in the natural law of S. Hahnemann (§26 of “Organon”) - the first law of homeopathy. As the development of it, the second law of homeopathy - cure by the medicinal disease of S. Hahnemann is formed and the place of "similarity" was defined as the necessary and sufficient condition of these laws. Hereby, we have, if Homeopathic Community would agree, to choose the remedies not by the faceless principle (law, method, rule) of similarity, but by the similarity condition proceeding from the first and the second laws. Interpretation of the laws complements them with the modern methodological sense. The definition of disease in the aspect of homeopathy is given.

"Achilles heel". Where is it? N.B. Kovalenko (Odessa, Ukraine)

A disease is a mechanism, which helps a human not to turn off the course of life. Long suppression or any blow as to our psychocomplexes influencing our conscious and subconscious are promoted pathology not only on psychoemotional level but also on physical one. Knowledge of main psychological characteristics of miasms and their characteristic complexes can help to choose correct consultant treatment.

Mode of action of dynamized preparations used by isopathy principle. V.A. Mikhailov (Tula, Russia)

One of the variants of mechanisms of therapeutic effect of dynamized preparations used in low potencies by an etiological principle is surveyed. Taking into account the obtained results it is possible to make a conclusion that one of these mechanisms is the principle of elimination of the given etiological factor in the organism.

A case of Digitalis purpurea: results and discussion. A.A. Batsevich (Odessa, Ukraine)

The use of high (200CH) dilution of Digitalis purpurea is described in patient with cardiac insufficiency and serious somatic disturbances.

Notes of the practicing homoeopath. S.Z. Vitenchuk (Sevastopol, Ukraine)

Extracts from the three case histories demonstrated possibilities of homoeopathic therapy in patients with severe disorders used independently or in complex with drastic patent allopathic medicines. All given cases presented favourable outcome of the therapy regardless pessimistic prognosis of physicians from official medicine.

Homoeopathy and acute conditions. L.P. Esipchuk (Simpheropol, Ukraine)

For many years Hahnemannian homoeopathy as a science with over two centuries history, its own method and law of similarity has been tried to be misrepresented, to be presented as absolute, patriarchal. Moreover, a lot of certificated specialists think that homoeopathic therapy is a long-term process of treatment of chronic diseases only. Many years? experience of the author and extracts from case histories given in the article are evidence of many-sided merits of homoeopathic therapy. The main conditions for elevation of trust in homoeopathic medicine is high professionalism of the specialists, complete interaction of the physician and the patient (members of his family) and adequate popularization of the method.

Treatment and prognosis of Chlamydia infection course depending on homoeopathic type of the patient and prevealing miasm. Helena Finberg (Kiev, Ukraine)

Having investigating the carts of patients suffering Chlamydia’s infection, the author claims that homoeopathic method is rather effective in the treatment of this group. This method cold be applied together with the allopathic methods as well as separately. Homoeopathic method is especially effective in treatment chronical and masked form of disease. The most vulnerable group that could be effected by Chlamidias infections and its chronical forms consist the psoras patients.

Homoeopathic preparations are effective and safe medicines for conducting efficient pharmacotherapy. I.A. Borsenko, I.S. Chekman (Kiev, Ukraine)

This article illustrates modern point of view towards the possibilities of efficient pharmacotherapy. The experience of “DHU” in doing clinical researches of homeopathic preparations, which allows to judge for about the efficacy, safety and perspective of this method, was summarized.

Methodological approaches to quality estimation of homoeopathic medicines of vegetative and mineral origin. N.A. Vetyutneva, O.A. Moskalenko (Kiev, Ukraine)

The paper contains experimental results derived from the research for quality estimation methods applied to homoeopathic medicaments of vegetative and mineral origin. The quality estimation is made using the chromatic qualitative tests, chromatographic and spectral analysis methods. Basing upon the derived data, the standard technical documentation for the investigated homoeopathic medicaments can be developed.

Pharmacopoeia, production, legislation and clinical aspects of preparation and prescription of dynamized nosodes and sarcodes. O.P. Ivaniv (Odessa, Ukraine)

For many years the problems of legislative permission of preparation and production of remedies from human and animal substrates remain disputable all over the world. The greatest problems with production permission, registration and sale of nosodes are in France and Germany – states with their own pharmacopoeia of the remedies. These problems are differently solved on the territory of Ukraine and other states of CIS, first, due to absence of legislative base for registration of any homoeopathic medicines, second, because of different approaches to the initial material, its treatment and quality control. Besides, the pharmaceutic market of Ukraine is overwhelmed by complex preparations of foreign production including nosodes and sarcodes, however, not undergone control for viruses, microbes and priones. Lately bowel nosodes have been widely propagandized which have strictly definite indications and are produced very rarely. The greater problem is poor level of training of native physicians on therapy with biological organ remedies which are powerful polyfunctional complexes.

Problems of introduction of proper production practice of homoeopathic remedies. O.Yu. Sergeeva, S.V. Khimenko (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Manufacturing medicines for homeopathic use generally concerns infinitesimal doses of active ingredients. This specific characteristic usually makes it impossible to carry out analytical controls of the final products. As a result, the quality of medicines for homeopathic use can be guaranteed only by strictly controlling the raw materials contained in them and by implementing a quality control system. This is done in accordance with good practice in manufacturing and in pharmaceutical production which help the manufacturer to be reliably certain of obtaining requisite quality during the entire production phase.


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