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Homoeopathy and Cholistic Medicine: pluses and minuses of medical service market (Editorial) O.P. Ivaniv (Odessa, Ukraine)

Consideration of an individual in the unity and garmony with himself and environmental influence of any kind are common characteristics for homoeopathy and holistic medicine but they are not acceptable by offi-cial scientific medical schools. Moreover, medical service market is already aimed at recognition of natural sanitary measures and treatment but this aim has its own peculiarities. First of them is lack of knowledge of homoeopathy and other methods carrying vibration and information "signatures". The second cause is profit which can't be provided by cheaper (in contrast to traditional) dynamized preparations. The third and the most unpleasant cause is presence of amateur physicians who wish to profit from "fashionable" trend in treatment. Such negative factors result in polypragma-tism both in homoeopathy (subverting its bases) and vibration (holistic) medicine on the whole.

Primary Substance in Integration "Physician-Patient". V.Zh. Bikhunova-Smolyar (Kyiv, Ukraine) Primary Substance (PS) is one of the forms of the matter with the ability to create, i.e. to be transformed into other forms of energy which are perceived by our organs of senses, to create with the help of transition of one form of existence into another. PS regulates the activity of all parts of the organism, preserving harmony of the world by the mind and will. Any creative work, in particular thai of the physician is related to psychics where visible image during treatment is concentrated on health and allows to exert significant influence on psychoemotional condition of the patient. Homoeopathic preparations are dynamized in order to release their PS (the spirit of medicine) which is the essence of the medicine. To achieve high similarity in the medicine, it must be similar to qualities and effects of the cause of the disease. From this point of view homoeopathy has closely come to "spirit of the medici-ne"(and "spirit of the disease") eliminating the chain of cause and con-sequences in work with energy of substance (PS).

Clinical-experimental bases of pharmacology and homoeopathy T.S. Chekman (Kyiv, Ukraine) The analysis of our researches and data of the literature allow us to formulate a conclusion, that under the cultivation of medicine in water and obtaining the low concentration the special inter-molecular interactions of electrons and protons of medicine with nwlecules of water with result effect of critical masses. Take place thus, the law of intermolecular interaction under small concentration of medicine is a basis of therapeutically effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines.

Personality, Sociality, Communication... & Homoeopathist. H.B. Kovalenko (Odessa, Ukraine) A number of typical states for miasms exists before the beginning of diseases being the basis for them. That or another miasm under the influence of sociobiological factors and in combination with them can lead to rela-tions which are called dependent and are subdivided into: thrusted love, relations based on domination, de-pendence both "business veil", codependence and usage of dependence for the emotional blackmail. Homoe-opathy is a unique therapeutic method which allows to stop a vicious circle of dependent relations and to as-certain balance between soul and body in time.

About Medical Skill in Homeopathy. O.N.Lvova. (Kyiv, Ukraine) The cure of a sick person is the only and the most important goal of any physician. As S. Hahnemann once said: "There are no diseases, but there are sick persons”. S. Hahnemann established that psyche is the key to the problem of understanding of a human being. Dr. Kent wrote that ontj mental symptoms play a main part in the homoeopathic preparation selection for the cure. The determination of the human being as a personality is based on his mind and feelings but nothing else. IJ these two main components forming a human being are parted, the latter as a personality couldn't exist that means insanity and death. George Vitulkas considers that фе really healthy person must combines the Love and the Wisdom - two divine features. That's why all medicinal preparations, if they are chosen correctly, firstly effect on the mind and the will (sometimes on the both simultane-ously) then on the tissues, functions and feelings. At last, the success of the homeopathic treatment consists of the Homoeopathic Wisdom, the Love, and the compassion for a sick person that can bring the cure for thi latter and joy for the homoeopath.

The Law of Similarity. I.V. Timoshenko (Moscow, Russia) The law of similarity is unique and indisputable. The real aim of the physician is to become similar to his pa-tient, to sympathize with his sufferings, to learn to speak in his patient's language and first and foremost to choose remedy really similar to the patient. Ail the rest are either necessary rules or auxiliary techniques to achieve the main aim - similarity. Having perceived this would be simplest idea the work became easier, there appeared the ability to perceive the outlines of pathogenesis, scrutinize the essence of the mixer human pa-thology, find help in dry and neutral repertories. The problem of dilution and doses became less important.

Dynamized Salt in Homoeopathy. N.K. Simeonova (Kyiv, Ukraine) The problem of using new salt preparations in homoeopathy has been considered from the point of view of homoeopathic theory and practice, philosophy, chemistry and pathologic physiology. It is noted that the effect (pathogenesis) is not the sum effects of the anion and cathion but a new quali¬ tative effect information of the leading foreign and our young specialists that new "triple" salt prepa¬ ration are capable ofdestructing psychologic and interpersonal problems is problematic and, therefore, most of the mentioned preparations (except Aurum muriaticum natronatum) are to be studied and provings to be made. It was concluded that the use of these medicines is caused by medici- pharmaceutical market.

The Problems of Psychohomeoepathy or Phylosophic Aspects of the Treatment by Basic Delusion S.Yu. Tkachenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) The report gives a comparative analysis of the homoeoepathic and psychological attitude to the definition of a disease, and its causes, basic delusion, factor of disbioking, health. Homoeopathy is a science and art disclosing mysteries of the human nature, it is in this unity, based on similarity law and psychological principles. Homoeopathists should "free themselves" from the learned dogmas and give "freedom" to protective mechanisms of the sick man with destructive tendencies.

On the Way to a Prescription. V.A. Tarasjuk (Vinnitsa, Ukraine) Physician-homoeopathists will hardly agree to work by analogy without a possibility to understand. Л thick file with analogues as well as any computer programme are not able to understand a Human, as there is no and can't be a machine which is powerful enough to listen to a human and has a mysterious ability to suppose. The author considers philosophical aspects of work with a sick person and evaluates S. Hahnemann 's saying in a new way: Aude sapere! Make up your mind be wise; think on your own, don't be afraid to follow directions of your mind.

International System of Advanced Training of Homoeopathists of the World Society "Hippocrates" G.S. Lu-kas, Yi.T. Efstathiou, Ur. Ximitidou, E.V. Spiranti (Greece) For years system of specialist preparation on homoeopathic medicine remains imperfect The causes of this negative fact are unaccertance of homoeopathy hy official medical structures, absence of common interna-tional educational programmes isolation of physicians-homoeopathists from research. Since 1994 the World Scientific Medical Society "Hippocrates" has been conducting study of possibilities to create common teach-ing programme with basic level (3 years) and further seminars, conferences and tests of the dynamized reme-dies. Since 1996 such programme has been accomlishing in Ukraine, Baltic countries and Russia. Physicians from Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk have completed two first stages of teaching with doing provings and reports on case histories. Besides since 1996 Odessa physicians have actively used new mineral remedies in their practice according to G. Lukas method. At present further stages of teaching are being worked out with satellite programmes on homoeopathic pharmacy and tests of new preparations, videolectures.

Chronicle of Work of Odessa Homoeopathic Society at the Break of XX Century and Parallels with the Pre-sent. Yu.V. Borimskaya, V.N. Scorlato (Odessa, Ukraine) The authors give archives historical investigations on the question of creation and development of homoeo-pathic medicine and aid in Odessa. They give information about leading specialists in the city and Ukraine, interregional and international ties; educational, teaching, pharmaceutical and publishing activities. There were traced ties of medical circles (as well as in official medical school) of Odessa and St. Petersburg (Kiev and Kharkov school were not developed then). The authors underlined a great role of Odessa homoeopathic organizations in work carried out during epidemics of cholera, diphtheria, typhoid. The last part of the article deals with the activity of homoeopaths and homoeopathic pharmacies in 100 years after the foundation of Odessa Society of homoeopathy followers and Odessa Hahnemann 's Society.

How Demjan V. Popov was Thinking and Working. T.D. Popova (Kyiv, Ukraine)

The life of the founder of Kyiv Homoeopathic School D. V.Popov is described, whose 100 birthday anniversary is celebrated by medical circles in 1999. Odessa medical institute became Alma mater for him. It is here after 10 years practice and individual mastering of homoeopathy he reported the first results in homoeopathic practice in 1935. The same year D. V. Popov moved to Kyiv and his further life was dedicated to search of answers to numerous questions of homoeopathy and detection of new problems in need of solution. The work with high dilutions which is traditional for Kyiv school puzzled his colleagues from other regions and till now it is the main distinction of Popov's and his followers' work. Deep knowledge ofMateria Medica and unac-ceptance of fuss in diagnostics and administrations resul-iedin high efficacy of treatment of over a million of grateful patients and gave esthetic pleasure of the way of thought.

About Advantages of Monotherapy in Homoeopathy. L.P. Esipchuk (Simferopol, Ukraine) For a long time there has been polemics between homoeopathists and allopathists as to correct way of treat-ment of a sick person. The task of homoeopathists is to restore the individual's health whereas the actions of physicians of «scientific» medical schools are directed at suppression (elimination) of the symptom at worst or at «treatment» of the disease (or a long list of diagnoses) by poly-pragmatic and increasing in number indica-tions. But there is also a tendency in homoeopathy of using «complex» remedies or monopreparations chosen by symptoms. From the point of view of classic homoeopathy and Ukrainian homoeopathic school such pre-scriptions are unethical and wrong. The author gives examples of using single dynamized preparations of vegetable, mineral origin and potentiated allopathic remedies with the analysis of their similarity and treat-ment results.

Cardiovascular Diseases: the Efficacy of Homoeotherapy. N.S. Hutsol, L.P. Hutsol (Vinnitsa, Ukraine) At present Ukraine has the highest indices of cardiovascular morbidity in Europe. That is why treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in one of the key problem of Ukrainian medicine. The authors describe 51 patient with ischemic heart disease, essential hypertension and other CVD whom they have been managing using only homoeopathic remedies according to Kyiv Homoeopathic School named after D. V. Popov method 6 years. The conclusions point out that homoeotherapy is a powerful way of the control of the patients with CVD that can restore homeostasis in the organism. The authors believe that the use of homoeotherapy in CVD would give a great social, medical and economical effect to Ukraine.

Family of Mushrooms in Homoeopathy: on the Way from the Mineral to Vegetable Kingdom. O.P. Ivaniv (Odessa, Ukraine) The lower vegetables didn 't evolve significant changes growing in the habitat for meeting the needs of more developed vegetables, animals and human beings maintaining exchange in the soil and air, not infrequently parasitizing and coming into symbiosis with other organisms. The agents in mushrooms (including hallucin-ogens) lead to disturbance of interconnections of the centres of the vegetative regulation and vegetative provi-sion due to high permeability and intensive toxicological parameters which result in further disturbance of the neurovascular and barrier trophic functions, sexual disorders. Stimulation (inhibition) of regulators of the most important biochemical mechanisms promote stable pathologic disturbances with exhaustion of the patients, diffuse affection, psychic and psychological disorder. The most characteristic features of persons whom these preparations are indicated are conservatism, life in the present (absence of opportunity and undesire to look into past and future, giving up fighting and effort input).

Formica Rufa: From the Image to Nature to Understading of Medicinal Pathogenesis N.L. Yarmolenko (Odessa, Ukraine) We can understand the effectiveness of Formica rufa in treatment of a number of systemic autoimmune dis-eases while considering the mode of life, peculiarities of physiology and significance of forest red ant in na-ture as well as properties of formic acid and its metabolism in the human organism.

Homoeopathic Treatment of Thyroid Diseases. N. Ya. Boiko, T. N. Redziy, Ukraine The article gives actuality of thyroid gland pathology problem in Ukraine and shows ways of its solution with the help of homoeopathic treatment method. The short characteristic of homoeopathic means, used for thyroid diseases treatment, is given. Positive results of homoeopathy are confirmed by clinical inspection methods.

Lynie Borrelia and Homoeopathic Therapy. Lidija N. Klepetkova (Prague, Czech Republic) Spirochete Borelia Buldorkfeli (garini, avzeli) causes the disease borreliosis, which becomes a great threat for the U.S.A and Europe. Borreliosis is the base ofCFS - the syndrome of chronic exhaustion. Infection vector is not only the tick. The difficulties when examinig the bacteria by the method of serological examination and the late visit to the doctor cause multisystem affection of the organism with the bad prognosis especially it concerns mental disorders. Disbalance of neuroimmunoendocrine regulation is caused by the disbalance be-tween the outer and inner environment of the holistic macro-organism. Three stages of the borreliosis disorder - symptoms and peculiarities in the course of the disease are revealed. The colonisation of the organs being weak due to the previous diseases, traumas or naving hereditary predisposition is marked. The symbiosis of borreli with other bacterial and viruses. The role of the mucoses in the active reproduction of bacteria is studied. Special features of borreli patient mind and characteristics of their nature are described. The possi-bility of earlier and subsequent diagnostics by the Voll method (EA V) and the homeopathic treatment, - the results of observations for 5 years are given in the article. Borreliosis is a secondary disease. The basic feature of the organism disorder is toxoplasmosis.

Chromatographic and Spectrophotometry Methods of the Analysis of Homoeopathical MT Phytolacca and Pulsatilla. N.A. Vetjutneva, O.A. Moskalenko (Kyiv, Ukraine) In given clause the methodological approach to a rating of quality homeopatic matrix tinctures "Phytolacca" and "Pulsatilla" with use chromatographic and spectral of methods of the analysis is covered.

The influence of different potencies of Homeopathic preparation of sulfur on functional organization of pro-tein molecule in vitro V.Yurlov (Odessa, Ukraine) The influence of different potencies of homeopathic preparation of Sulfur (CH12, CH 30, CH 200) into dis-tilled water on content of protein and non-protein SH-groups was studied in vitro in blood in 23 sound per-sons. The particularities of the influece of different potencies of Sulfur on functional activity of protein mole-cules was determined

Belladonna and Its Utilization in Acute Conditions. A.A. Batsevich (Odessa, Ukraine) The given article describes clinical manifestations of acute pancreatitis, and efficacy of differ¬ent homoeo-pathic drugs. The clinical example given shows efficacy of the preparation chosen by individual, striking, un-usual and peculiar symptoms unlike the preparations administered by ethiological criteria.


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