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Украинский гомеопатический ежегодник: Резюме лучших публикаций "Українського гомеопатичного щорiчника" (2008)


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Данный социально-исторический раздел, который мы открываем в 2008 году, будет содержать отныне резюме лучших статей ежегодника, опубликованных 10 лет назад. В 1998 году первый том ежегодника содержал 89 публикаций 103 авторов и соавторов из многих регионов Украины, России, Великобритании, Германии, Греции, Израиля, Чехии.
Homeopathy in the System of Official Medical Science — Integration or Disintegration?!
O.P. Ivaniv, Ukraine

A considerable growth of interest among the physicians and different layers of population to homeopathic treatment noted lately have positive and a number of negative features. They include absence of the state regulations of the method, suppression of homeopharmaceutic markets of post Soviet slates by foreign companies, confusion of notions «homeopathy» and «homotoxicology», absence of proper proving in licensing preparations. It is of no small importance that there is a torrent of speculative and pseudohomeopathic investigations which lead homeopathy away from the general medical science and, often, discredit the homeopathic method of treatment. The article gives a detailed analysis of 943 of different level published in our country from 1993 to 1998.

The Use of Conservatism
T.D. Popova, Ukraine

The process of recognition of homeopathy by official medical science became irreversible. However, intensive development of science gave rise to a flow of transformations, most of them are thoughtless, ungrounded and make it difficult to understand the essence of the homeopathic treatment. Kiev homeopathic school faces the tasks connected with consideration of the main laws of the method, study and supplement of Materia Medica, repertorization, the rhythm of remedy administration.

Eugenic Treatment
V.Zh. Bikhunova-Smolyar, Ukraine

The analysis of manyfactored interactions from the moment of consumption till the extinction and death was made in the pairs of motherfetus and molherchild. It was noted that organic functioning of the individual is disturbed by autogenic and exogenic toxins or more or less weakened intoxication inherited by subsequent generations. On the basis of fruitful longterm working experience the author made conclusions of possibility and the barest necessity of governing the «eugenic function» with subsequent positive effect not only on the individual but also on the community on the whole.

Homeopathy in the Future Family Medicine
N.B. Kovalenko, Ukraine

Breaches in children's upbringing lead to disorders in the chain «parentschild» causing a child's disease and diseases of parents if there is no correction. The example of this process is description of a case from practice and typological characteristics of the homeopathic remedies. One should always bear in mind that a child is the book which should be not only written but also read. Peculiarities and information orientation of the eastern and western traditions should be united as to the development of family and upbringing problems. It was noted in conclusions that a healthy man was not a man without problems but a man who was able to solve them adequately.

From Ancient Myths to Scientific Medicine. From Empedocle and Hippocrates to Modern Homeopa
thy. G. Lukas, Ye. Spiranti, Greece

Since ancient times the representative of great civilizations tried to classify the surrounding ele-ments, phenomena. So, Empedocle distinguished four elements: fire, water air, and earth. Hippocrates concerning medicine later used this subdivision: blood, phlegm, yellow and black bile. Later on, wise Paracelcius and further the founder of homeopathy S. Hahnemann pointed out the main pathologic elements. At present, using achievements of modern science there were distinguished electromagnetic, gravitational, weaknuclear and strongnuclear energy levels corresponding to psora, sycosis, tuberculin and lues. The usage of ancient and modern knowledge synthesis for the creative purposes (to ennoble the man) should change the destructive tendencies of the existing civilization that involved not only the planet but also the Space.

То the Problem of Theoretical Bases of Homeopathy.
N.K. Simeonova, Ukraine

Each kind of therapy has its advantages and disadvantages. «A weak point» of homeopathy is lack of scientific explanation, exploitation of notions which can't be accepted by academic medicine. The report considers the main principles and laws of the homeopathic method. It is pointed out that keeping homeopathy within the limits of the existing scientific paradigm has no future and the leadership of molecular biology paradigm comes to an end.

Similarity Method by S. Hahnemann
I.V. Timoshenko, Russia

For one people similarity is a corner stone, for others - it is a stumbling block. The point is similarity method it as complicated as the life itself and one has to learn constantly. Along with similarity, one should always consider dynamization and vital force which the method of homeopathy stands firmly on. Homeopathists should «free themselves» from the learned dogmas and give «freedom» to protective mechanisms of the sick man.

Homeopathy and Spiritual Perception of Doctoring. Their Joint Effect on General Recovery of the
Person. S.Yu. Tkachenko, Ukraine

Homeopathy is a science and art disclosing mysteries of the human nature, it is in this unity, based on the similarity law there is «unloading» of the longterm section of memory accumulated by generations. Like the nature, homeopathic effects in treatment occur on the vibration level. The level of changes in the patient's condition and stability of the obtained improvement depend strictly on the level of homeopathist's preparation, observance of ethical and psychological principles taking into account the force of a word as a «factor of disbloking».

Terminology Problem in Modern Homeopathy
A.V. Popov, Ukraine

Since the time of Hahnemann there have been artificial discrepancies in the homeopathic terminology which may create illusion of «pointlessness» and «pseudoscience» of homeopathy. The report gives a comparative analysis of the homeopathic and allopathic attitude to the definition of a disease, and its causes, health, symptom, the ways of treatment (restoration of the health).

Homeopathic Exacerbation from the Point of View of Kiev Homeopathic School
D.V. Popov (jun.), Ukraine

Confirmed by many years practice and theoretical data it was shown that most of exacerbation's caused by intake of the homeopathic remedies were the index of effectiveness of the administered preparation. And, hence it is an important instrument of studies of potent remedies.

Homeopathy in Odessa
G.P. Kolesova, S.Yu. Zaitsev, Ukraine

Homeopathic society in Odessa was organized in the second half of XIX century and united many physicians, pharmacists, veterinary surgeons, ecclesiastic and society persons. To spread the effective method, pharmacies, outpatient departments and a clinic were opened. «Bulletin of Homeopathic Medicine» was published then. At present homeopathy in Odessa goes through its «second birth». The creation of charity fund of homeopathy followers promoted the spread of knowledge of the method, the change of the homeopathic pharmacy structure, and publishing work.

Modern State and Problems of Industrial Production of Homeopathic medicines in Ukraine
O.Yu. Sergeeva, S.V. Khimenko, Ukraine

Despite the growing number of homeopathists, interest of patients in being treated by natural preparations, widening of the net of the homeopathic pharmacies, licensing, production and spread of the homeopathic remedies in Ukraine remain in extremely unsatisfactory slate. At low cost of the homeopathic preparation, the cost of its licensing is very high. Besides, the lack of necessary pharmaceutical raw materials and preparations and strict stale regulation of activities of production firms in our country, create favorable conditions for the foreign companies to seize our market. The authors present the work experience of Kharkov venture «Arnica» in these conditions.

Homeopathy and Modern Pharmacology
I.S. Chekman, Ukraine

The author made analysis of positive and negative sides of homeopathy and traditional pharmacology which have two century history. It is noted that small doses are not prerogatives of homeopathy but the way of preparing homeopathic remedies has considerable advantages though it is based upon the rule of dynamizalion, the essence of which should be still studied. The problem of comparability of the homeopathic and allopathic treatment is still extremely important for modern medicine. Therefore one should lake everything rational from this trend of medicine, confirming or denying reasonably the theoretical points and practical recomendations.

The Influence of Low Doses Radiation on the Health Condition of workers of Chernobyl NEPS, the
Possibilities of the Homeopathic Correction
O.P. Motshich, A.I. Melnik, L.A. Khomenko, Ukraine

Screening of the workers of Chernobyl NEPS revealed considerable negative changes in the formed elements of blood, its red and white sprouts. The use of tradition preparations of irone in such patients gives short term at the expense of reserve possibilities of the bone marrow. The authors showed possibilities of correction of the health condition of the workers by the homeopathic preparation of Xray (X-ray 30CH) with subsequent indication of the constitutional remedy. The efficacy results of the study are confirmed by catamnesis.

Mysteries of the Blue Choice
A.A. Batsevich, Ukraine

Male patients who come for urologic advice were investigated taking into consideration the knowledge of millennium practice about colour attachments and characteristics of colour. It was established that choice of blue corresponded to the decrease of testosterone level as well as retardation of the beginning of the sexual life when compared to the men of actual study of colour attachments in urologic patients to control the quality of diagnostic and treatment process.

«Family» in the Family
L.P. Yesipchuk, Ukraine

Practical examples showed appropriate interaction of preparation and patient: 1) horizontal action (a patient – a family of homeopathic remedies); 2) vertical action (patients of the same family – one homeopathic remedy); 3) complementary action (one family – one family of homeopathic preparations). The author points out the necessity of careful study of family history, history of generation by the physician and their correlation with pathogenesis of each administrated preparation.

Homeotherapy in Treatment of the Diseases of the oral Cavity
O.M. Lvova, Ukraine

Since 1987 the author has done the study of the influence of homeopathic treatment on the patient with generalized paradontitis, allergic injuries of the oral mucosa, glossodynias, lichen rubber planus, some other diseases. Most of the examined patients are found to have concomitant general somatic pathology. Before the treatment all patients had sanation of the oral cavity then were administrated homeotherapy. Along with subjective sensations of the patients and examination findings, specific functional tests were the control of treatment efficacy. As a result it was established that the homeopathic remedies were effective in above 80% of patients. It was also noted that most of them had improvement of the general state with curing or remission of general somatic pathology in administration of the constitutional preparation.


Украинский гомеопатический ежегодник: Резюме лучших публикаций "Українського гомеопатичного щорiчника" (2008)
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